Vietnamese Modern Art

IF we define painting as applying pigment to a surface in a way that represents a person or thing, then we have a strong case for dating Vietnamese painting back to the first glazed ceramics. This dates the first figurative Vietnamese artwork to around the start of the current era when someone first applied a … Continue reading

East vs West (part 2)

Very often young Eastern artists are hyponotised by the critics if Western works of art. Objectively or subjectively some critics make an “√§potheosis” of certain works which is commonly rather incomprehensible, resulting in the misleading idea that to be modern one must create strange, mysterious conceptions. Such a belief is harmful and handicaps the more … Continue reading

east vs west artists

Eastern artists vs Western artists

In all periods, intrinsic and cultural values apart, art has been appreciated for that fashionable expression called style. This kind of fashionable expression has always affected fair judgement and such is the case in our time also. Altough more than ever we hav a wider universal understanding, we too judge according to our modern fashionable … Continue reading

Trip to Bangkok

I was in Bangkok for a short getaway. Well, I would say that the activity of contemporary art in Thailand is confined to Bangkok whose characteristics, during the last fifty years, have undergone a complete change. Roads replaced canals, ferroconcrete replaced wood as building material, traditional dress gave way to western clothes, the simple dwellings … Continue reading

Hi I’m back after a long hiatus – museum viewing

I’ve been travelling, looking at museums around the world. And then it hit me. Hey, what do we LOOK for as we walk into a museum. Usually I find myself wondering aimlessly. When something catches my eye, I simply gravitate towards it and the process just continues. Well, here are some tips that I thought … Continue reading

optical art indonesia

Emerging Artists

I’m an “emerging” artist. Perhaps this term, like an euphemism, has been over-used. What’s emerging? Are you an artist or are you not? No, you don’t have to be embarrased. – if you paint and have the urge to put something on canvas or paper, viola!, you’re an artist. I found myself constantly browsing, … Continue reading

The wave as divine punishment – Hokusai

As all of you may be aware, at the time of writing, Japan is facing a national crisis coming from a series of earthquakes and Tsunamis and nuclear reactor blowouts. The situation is definitely dire and I pray for the Japanese’s safety. I’m reminded of a key Japanese artist who portrayed this incident in the … Continue reading

Vietnamese Art – Ho Dinh Nam Kha

Nam Kha is one of Vietnam’s leading artist. A lecturer and Chief of Vietnam’s Art Society (based in Central Danang), Nam Kha’s characteristic work can be recognised anywhere in the world. His works are characteristised by the beautiful use of colors and special strokes he uses. Its really not easy to describe. His works are … Continue reading

paintings bamboo ink

Bamboo Paintings – a highly spiritual exercise

The bamboo theme is a fusion of painting and calligraphy. This was explored with immense fervor poets, monks and scholars. Executed with great economy of means, this unfortunately fragmented work was created in this intense cultural climate. The nervously drawn leaves, bending in the wind but never breaking, are a thinly veiled allusion to the … Continue reading

terracotta army 2

Dead Army

Qin Shi Huang Di. The first Emperor of China. According to a member of the feudal state of Wei, Qin Shi Huang Di was described as: “He as the heart of both the tiger and a wolf. He is a miser and not to be trusted. Politeness, respect for hierarchy and codes of conduct are … Continue reading